About the Comic Abrasax

"Nescience" is a project I've been working on for almost a year now. Basically, I started doing a fan comic a little over a year ago (2005) to fire up my drawing skills and familiarize myself with the process. After about 120 or so pages, I think I got the hang of making online comics and started on my real dream: to make an own, original fantasy one. "Nescience" is the result of that. My art still isn't all that great, but I've been told that I can tell a good story, and that's what I hope to do here. Unlike the fan comic, the script is not online anywhere, so there won't be any spoilers. The story itself is complete, but the actual comic script has only been written out up to the first chapter. I won't be posting to this comic as regularly as I do to my doujin, because I want to take my time with the art and make sure the pictures are high quality. We'll see how it goes!

"Nescience" takes place in the fictitious world of Abrasax, and is an attempt to explain a small portion of the continent's history through the eyes of the humans who experienced it. There are three primary characters the story will follow: Ralt, the fallen knight, Laurent, the thief-turned-squire and Vasilli, the dragon. I hope pretty much that the story is self-explanatory, but feel free to ask questions about the plot, the characters, the comic, or anything in general if you like. Remember to remove the NOSPAM tags from the email, and please title it appropriately (include "NESCIENCE" in your subject line somewhere) so I'll know to read it.

UPDATE! - I wrote a 'prequel' of sorts to the story called "Desideratum" - it tells a lot of Vasilli's story, and a little bit about Ralt and Laurent. It's not exactly 100% compatible with the comic - I wrote it very quickly and without much planning for the NaNoWriMo 2006 competition - but the basic ideas which are the basis of this story are there.

About the Author

As for me, I'm American, married and living in Germany as a civilian. Any more can be found at www.eccentrik.org or by emailing me directly or leaving comments around this site.